Plastic Surgery on TV

Reality TV about Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery on TV

Is there any truth or benefit to watching plastic surgery shows on television or social media? Since the early days of “Extreme Makeover” or “Dr. 90210”, I believe the content on these shows has improved, and let me explain why. Before the era of “in-your-face” phones and cameras, plastic surgery was shrouded in mystery. Only the wealthy could afford it. Patients went to the operating room, and *Poof!* they had these amazing (or scary ;)) results. Nowadays, patients are quite educated about the plastic surgical experience and what it entails. 

One of the benefits of time and television is how knowledgeable patients can be about the process and how less of a stigma it is now. It is encouraging to see patients participate in the discussion about their wants and needs. Struggling to work up the courage to see a plastic surgeon is still prevalent, but less so than before. The entertainment industry has certainly done us all a favor by opening up a line of communication and commonality that may have been discouraged or seen as a barrier between patients and physicians.

Understanding the patient, as well as their background, experience and motivations, is key to a successful patient-physician relationship. Plastic surgery-based entertainment helps demystify the intrigue and veil behind clinic and operating rooms help alleviate patient concerns. Hopefully, shows like “Botched” serve as a source of education, and not the primary one, for patients as they research their conditions AND their doctors. Though these shows are primarily for entertainment, relevant topics and viewpoints are appreciated as a conversation starter and can be used as a source for good.


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