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Being diagnosed with breast cancer is a scary and overwhelming experience. It is important for you to know that you have options that can restore your breasts and femininity.

In the majority of instances, after breast cancer is diagnosed, a patient will be referred to a breast surgeon that will remove the tumor and work with an oncologist to treat the cancer, and a referral will also be made to a plastic surgeon who works with the breast surgeon to provide breast reconstruction. Unfortunately, some patients are never referred to a plastic surgeon and have no idea that a breast reconstruction is even an option.


Lift Plastic Surgery is unique, in that it can provide all of these services for you. Dr. Patel is fully trained in both general surgery and plastic surgery, making them uniquely suited for breast reconstruction. For breast reconstruction in Houston, choose us. By coming to us, your care can be simplified, as you have one team treating you from beginning to end, and providing all of your needs.

It can be a comfort to know that your surgeon is invested in every part of your care, and knows your history, goals, and desires inside and out. Additionally, our plastic surgery skillset gives us the ability to plan your cancer removal taking into account future reconstruction that might be planned for the best possible final outcome. There are other situations which cause woman to face changes in the shape and size of their breasts. While some women live with the changes other women want to fix the issue. If you want to address these issues with Breast Reconstruction in Houston, then Lift Plastic Surgery Webster TX is the place for you.


Before heading towards the benefits and procedure of Breast Reconstruction, let us have a look at what Breast Reconstruction is. As the name suggests, the shape and look of your breasts are recreated in the face of any deformity.

The primary use of Breast Reconstruction surgery is for those women who were faced with Breast Cancer. As you know, to remove the breast cancer, the surgeons have to remove the cancerous tissue from the breast. As a result, women can notice a considerable difference in their breast shape and size which does not look natural at all. If women want a more natural look after cancer treatment, they can opt for breast reconstruction.

Let us have a look at the benefits of Breast Reconstruction for Women:

The first and most crucial benefit of Breast Reconstruction is that you will be able to get a natural look and shape for your breasts. You will be able to get rid of post-cancer or congenital deformities.

The second benefit is a boost in self-esteem after breast cancer treatment. Some women leave their jobs in fear of not looking normal or acceptable. So with the help of this breast reconstruction surgery, they would be able to get a natural shape to their breasts which will enhance their self-esteem.


The full scope of this discussion will happen at your office consultation with Dr. Patel, where it can be tailored to you and your unique circumstance. Expect that you will likely need several operations before reaching your desired result. After the initial surgery, scar or shape revisions are often required as well as nipple reconstruction and tattooing. Here are some points to consider if Breast Reconstruction is right for you or not:

If you can see a noticeable shape and size difference in your breasts.
If you have or have just cured breast cancer and want to restore your breasts to a natural shape and size.


There are several surgical centers that do not provide you with the option of Breast Reconstruction Surgery after Breast Cancer treatment, but at Lift Plastic Surgery Webster TX, you would be able to take advantage of Breast Reconstruction in Houston.

Several patients are unable to make up their minds to undergo Breast Reconstruction or not because they think that breast reconstruction surgery will hurt them. The procedure is done under anesthetic. However, you will face soreness and tightness in the areas where the operations have been performed. Moreover, there would be some scars over your breasts and the areas from where tissues were collected, but these scars will greatly fade away after some time.


Let us have a look at the time it takes for breast reconstruction step by step:

  • The first step is preparing for surgery and providing anesthesia. This step will take about 2 hours.
  • The second step is the surgery period, which will take anywhere from 1 to 6 hours.
  • Once the surgery is done, you are not discharged directly but you will be kept for 2 to 3 hours for the recovery period.

As discussed above the immediate recovery period after breast reconstruction is about 2 to 3 hours, after which you would be able to be discharged from the center. However, you should take proper care for several weeks after the procedure. Avoid sleeping in a way that will put force on your breasts. You should not wear tight clothes and definitely avoid heavy lifting and any strenuous activities.

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