SlimFit Weight Loss Program

Are you ready to reach your goal weight without exercise?

Make your health a priority and win the battle of change. Lose 10-20% of your bodyweight in 3 months! Change your life in three months.




SlimFit Weight Loss Program

Welcome to Your New Body

Here’s why our patients love the SlimFit Weight Loss Program


SlimFit Weight Loss Program

Exercise Optional

Exercise can speed up the weight loss process but is not required

SlimFit Weight Loss Program


Must EAT at least 1000 calories a day

SlimFit Weight Loss Program

Portion Control

Automatically decrease your portion size in half

SlimFit Weight Loss Program

Month 1

Consultation + Labs

We want to make sure this program is a fit for you. We will review your medical history and check your labs. We will also take your before photos to show you the change! You will then start on weekly Semaglutide injections of the medication right for you. You will take weekly weights.

Month 2

Office Visit + elevate results


SlimFit Weight Loss Program

We will monitor your weekly weight loss and adjust dosing. We will also address any side effects. At this stage, we will offer EmSculpt to help strengthen your core. This will get your body ready for any exercise you plan to add on to maintain this weight loss. We will also introduce BallancerPro to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

SlimFit Weight Loss Program

Month 3

Office Visit + Labs

Review of weekly weight loss and weight goals. Recheck labs and take photos to see the changes. At this time, we will review your weight loss goals to see if longer treatment is indicated.

“I lost 40 lbs in 3 months”

I was tired. Tired of waking up thinking about what I could wear that would fit. Tired of looking at what I used to be and what I looked like now. Tired of the anxiety and the comments.

I was stuck and tried all kinds of diets. Keto and all the fads. I decided I was tired of the extra weight and I not only needed to change my diet and exercise but also my relationship with food.

The Fat Loss Protocol changed the way I eat and my craving for foods that led down this path. It reset how much I was suppose to eat and how much made me full. I no longer had to think about the portion size on my plate. As the weight fell off, I was even more motivated with my exercise.

My pants were loose and I was swimming in my tops. I took all the extra money I was spending on food that I didn’t need to eat to get a new wardrobe. I am no longer tired and I feel more confident than ever!

SlimFit Weight Loss Program
SlimFit Weight Loss Program
Weight: 165.2
Under Bust: 33in.
Waist: 36in.
Hips: 40in.
Weight: 145.6
Under Bust: 28in.
Waist: 33in.
Hips: 37in.
“Bye Bye Baby Weight!”

I finally made the decision to start because no matter what I did; Strict meal prepping throughout the week, heavy lifting, heavy cardio, 90 day Programs. I have tried it all! And to be honest, I am fairly successful in them all.

However, my one thing standing between me and actually losing weight and dropping in pants sizes was the stress eating! I never thought, “Oh SunChips for a snack or a Medium Latte in the morning with Avocado toast will be the block between me actually losing!” But that’s exactly what it was! No matter how ‘clean’ the food you eat, you can still be overeating. That is where Fat Loss Program kicks in to reverse years of bad eating habits.

Stress eating, making yourself finish your plate, nibbling from your child’s snacks….

There are so many things throughout the day we wouldn’t even think of because we consider these as ‘habits’ more than ‘consumption’. The Fat Loss Program strengthens your ability to cut those bad habits out of your system because it takes away the option to overeat as a whole! With it restricting your habits of overeating, you then reroute your food to make the most of what you are putting into your body.

This is creating not only healthy portion control habits, but a healthy choice in nutrients that benefit your energy levels and give you sustainable satisfaction in being full. I have FINALLY shed my baby weight and could not feel more confident in whatever I wear.

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