FaceTite Houston

FaceTite Houston

Because one chin is plenty.

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity. This leads to a condition known as “laxity” – a looseness of the skin around the face, chin, arms, and other parts of the body where skin can droop and sag. When we talk about fighting the signs of aging, we are often talking about fighting laxity. It is the primary rationale for facelifts and many other plastic surgery procedures… that is, until FaceTite came along.

FaceTite: The minimally-invasive facelift alternative

FaceTite is a revolutionary new facelift alternative by InMode that uses radiofrequency energy (RF energy) to tighten skin and combat laxity – but that’s just part of what makes this treatment so impressive. FaceTite has the additional bonus of reducing fat as well, resulting in a slimmer, tighter, more contoured look. FaceTite is a minimally invasive way to fight laxity and reduce fat in numerous areas, including:

  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Jawline
  • Neck
  • Other small areas

With FaceTite, you can get all of the results of a facelift without ever having to deal with the anesthesia or long recovery times of traditional surgery. Lift Plastic Surgery is pleased to offer FaceTite to all of our Houston patients who are seeking to fight aging and restore a more defined, youthful face without undergoing facelift surgery.

FaceTite RF

FaceTite works by heating the fat and tissue beneath the skin through focused, directional RF energy. This causes fat to coagulate and tissues to tighten. The coagulation of the fat prompts the release of collagen through the body’s natural healing response, which restores elasticity to the skin. Meanwhile, the heat applied to the existing fibers of the tissue causes them to contract. The result of the two reactions is a sleeker, more streamlined look that shaves years off your appearance.

The secret to FaceTite lies in its dual temperature technology. The FaceTite applicator consists of both a tiny subdermal wand that is inserted into the skin through a small incision, and a slightly larger wand that remains outside. These two wands work in tandem to give the FaceTite specialists at Lift Plastic Surgery unprecedented temperature control and accuracy. In just seconds, they can safely apply heat directly to the places that need tightening in a way that feels more like a hot stone massage than surgery.

Fast results. Lasting improvement.

Because FaceTite coagulates fat as well as triggers the release of collagen, some patients see an improvement immediately after the procedure. This improvement continues over time as the body adjusts, with more dramatic results appearing roughly a week after the procedure as swelling goes down, and about 70% after about six weeks. The full results continue to appear gradually, with continuous improvement that in some cases can last up to a year following surgery.

The FaceTite Process


Every FaceTite procedure begins with a consultation, either at Lift Plastic Surgery’s comfortable offices in Houston, or socially-distanced online through a virtual consultation. When you meet with Dr. Patel, he will listen to your concerns and work with you to identify a bespoke treatment plan to match your vision for your face. If that vision includes FaceTite, you will team up to determine which areas may require treatment, and how much. At Lift Plastic Surgery, patient safety and natural results are always top priority.

The FaceTite Procedure

When you come in for your FaceTite procedure, our doctors will review your treatment plan with you before you begin the treatment. FaceTite is an outpatient procedure that can be done right in our Houston offices. The treatment area will be numbed with topical anesthesia and a small incision will be made at the predetermined entry point. From there, FaceTite will get to work, using RF energy to coagulate subdermal fat, contract tissue and release collagen. The procedure typically lasts less than an hour, and you will be able to drive home afterwards. No anesthesia needed!

Recovery after FaceTite

Initial recovery typically lasts about 4-5 days. Most patients feel the need to take off work during this time to allow themselves to heal properly.

You should expect some initial bruising and swelling around the treatment areas, which usually peaks around day three and then goes down by the end of the first week. These are just averages, of course, and your body’s healing process could be faster or slower than that. Some patients report feeling completely fine after four days. For others, it can take up to two weeks for swelling to go down completely.

If swelling does not begin to go down or gets worse after the first week, please contact us immediately.

You will be given compression garments to wear following your procedure. At first, these garments should be worn 24 hours a day. Then, as the healing process continues, you can taper that down to only wearing them at night. These garments maximize healing and skin tightening following the procedure.

Two days after surgery, you can resume normal showering. After a week, you can usually return to your normal routine, including exercise.

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