A breast lift with implants, is perfect for the patient with droopy breasts that desires both a breast lift as well as an increase in breast size. This is often the case after pregnancy and nursing or massive weight loss where the breast volume itself has also become deflated.


At Lift Plastic Surgery, Dr. Patel offer breast augmentation services to patients in Houston and Webster, Texas, that provides natural-looking enhancement. We provide a wide array of surgical services to our customers. Breast Augmentation is one of the most popular services we offer at our Houston office.


If you want a breast lift without implants in Houston, the breast auto-augmentation technique is perfect for you. It can be used to aggressively reshape the patient’s own breast tissue and create the appearance of an augmented breast without actually using a breast implant.


Breast Implant surgery is also used after a mastectomy or to correct defects and deformities. However, many people who undergo breast implant surgery run into complications down the road after the surgery. Many times, the complications result in another procedure known as Breast Implant Removal Surgery.


In the majority of instances, after breast cancer is diagnosed, a patient will be referred to a breast surgeon that will remove the tumor and work with an oncologist to treat the cancer, and a referral will also be made to a plastic surgeon who works with the breast surgeon to provide breast reconstruction. Unfortunately, some patients are never referred to a plastic surgeon and have no idea that a breast reconstruction is even an option.


To offset the effects of age and gravity, Dr. Shitel Patel at Lift Plastic Surgery in Houston and Webster, Texas, offer breast lifts which result in perkier breasts set higher on your chest. Whether breastfeeding has deflated your breasts or time has let them droop, call to find out how they can help. Or, you can fill out the online booking form to schedule a consultation.


Oversized breasts are not only difficult to deal with, they can cause back and neck pain and prevent you from enjoying more active pursuits. To bring your breasts back into line with the rest of your body, Dr. Shitel Patel offer breast reduction surgery at Lift Plastic Surgery. If you’re in Houston or Webster, Texas, call to explore your breast reduction options.


Some women may feel a lump on a self-breast exam, others may be discovered by a doctor, or found on a mammogram. Women can have lumps or irregularities in their breasts for various reasons, and not all breast masses are cancerous. The first step to finding an answer is a good physical exam by a physician experienced in treating breast masses.


At Lift Plastic Surgery in Houston and Webster, Texas, Dr. Shitel Patel has extensive experience using a DIEP flap technique, which is an innovative way to recreate your breasts using your own tissue. If you’d like to explore your options in breast reconstruction, call or use the online scheduling form to book a consultation.


Gynecomastia is a medical condition in which males develop enlarged breast tissue, often referred to as “man boobs” or “moobs.” This condition can indeed be a source of embarrassment or emotional distress for those who experience it, and it can affect individuals of any age.


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