How much does Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Cost in Houston?

Tummy Tuck Cost

How much does Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Cost in Houston?An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat, and reconstructs weak  muscles which create an abdominal profile that is firm and smooth. A well-toned and flat abdomen is something that most of us seek for through weight control and workout. Sometimes these efforts won’t bear any fruits. The main causes for the development of a protruding abdomen are aging, heredity, significant fluctuations in weight and pregnancy. In such situations this procedure helps a lot as it gives the ideal abdomen that you have always been looking for. Abdominoplasty is done by plastic surgeons as it comes under the category of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery.


Before you go through the surgery, you will have to talk to your surgeon about what exactly you want your tummy to look like and what all can be done. There are certain things that may you may have to do for example, your doctor will tell you to stop smoking and keep a tight control over your diet. There are two different types of tummy tuck surgery that can be done depending upon your body shape.

Complete abdominoplasty

Here, the operating surgeon will make a cut on your abdomen across your hipbone and then shape the  muscle, tissue and skin as required. This type of surgery may involve shifting of your belly button, and for a few days, you may require medical drainage tubes below your skin.

Partial or mini abdominoplasty

This type of procedure is often carried out on patients whose lipid deposits are situated below the belly button. During this operation, the operating surgeon most probably will not shift your belly button, and the whole operation will take not more two hours, depending on your medical condition.

People who can go ahead with the procedure

Tummy tuck is considered to be the best option for women who have lost their toned stomach due to pregnancy and wish to get back in shape. However it is better to go for this surgery only when you are sure about not having anymore children in future. . In such case, you will find this procedure very useful as you  can get back your sculpted body with reduced flab and tighter muscles. Healthy men who feel they have a huge tummy can also go for this surgery as they might regain their self-confidence.

If you are planning to get this surgery but have pregnancy on your mind, it is better to stay away from this surgery as you will gain weight once you become pregnant and it will defeat the whole purpose of this surgery. People who are planning to lose weight should wait for a while and think of this procedure only when every other measure to lose weight fails.

How much will it cost you

The cost that this surgery will incur depends on a lot of factors. The fee your surgeon will charge for it will be one of the most influential factors deciding the cost. Apart from that there will be other factors like the area you chose to get operated in, the hospital or clinic you choose plus other surgical costs.

You must make sure that the decision to go for this surgery is worth the effort and resources you put as the cost won’t be covered by the insurance company since it comes under the category of cosmetic surgery. You will be able to find a lot of qualified surgeons who are specialist in the area of cosmetic surgery in and around the following regions in the state of California- Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

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