Facial Fat Grafting for Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Fat Transfer

Facial Fat Grafting for Facial RejuvenationYou may want to consider facial fat injections if you are looking for facial rejuvenation without having to undergo invasive procedures. Microlipoinjection is a type of facial fat sculpting method that can restore attractive contours in your chin, cheeks, and under-eye area. It can also add volume to your lips.

What is Autologous Fat Transfer or Microlipoinjection?

This cosmetic surgery procedure makes use of an individual’s body fat for plumping emaciated or sunken areas of the face. It can also be used for adding volume wherever desired. Autologous refers to using one’s own fat or tissue. There are three steps involved in this procedure.

The surgeon will first gently suction surplus fat from donor areas, such as the thighs, jowls, buttocks and abdomen. They will then purify, cleanse and isolate fat cells to use only the most superior cells. The last steps involved injecting the cleansed fat cells in the targeted treatment areas. This step is also called fat transplantation.

Treatment Areas

Creases in between the eyebrows and on the forehead can be treated using fat injection treatment. They can also be used in hollows under the eyes. Fat injection can be used for plumping or improving nose contours, area between the nose and upper lip, temples, and jaw line.

Fat transfer plastic surgery can go a long way in correcting sunken or hollow cheeks and scars. It can be used in any place on the neck and face where fat has been lost. Single fat injection may be needed in some of the facial areas for long-lasting or noticeable improvement. Other areas may require more than one injection for adequate correction.

Facial Fat Transfer Procedure Steps

Step 1: Removing Fat

The procedure begins with liposuction for removing excess fat from the donor site. Very low suction liposuction is used to collect maximum number of undamaged fat cells in a minimally invasive way. These fat cells are carefully removed from the donor site using a special cannula or a small-gauge hypodermic needle designed for limiting the damage to fat cells.

Step 2: Fat Cell Isolation

Once enough fat has been collected, it gets spun at very high speeds through a centrifuge. This is done for separating fat cells from the body fluids that are also removed during liposuction. All damaged fat cells are removed and only undamaged, whole, and cleansed fat cells are used during fat transfer.

Step 3: Re-injecting the Fat

Fat cells are injected in the target treatment areas in the third steps of the fat transfer procedure. Your doctor would have identified the fat injection site at this point. This will be done with the intent to create new contours or correct imperfections. Fat cells will be injected at varying depths using a separate hypodermic syringe for natural looking results.

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