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Breast augmentation with fat transfer is an increasingly sought-after plastic surgery procedure that is meant to improve the proportion and size of a woman’s breasts. Ideally, it is suitable for women who want a fuller and shapely breast appearance.

Breast Augmentation With Fat Grafting Before And After PicturesAt the time of the pre-operative consultation, the breast surgeon may choose to display breast augmentation fat transfer before and after pictures to the patient. These images may help make the consultation process more transfer as well as allow the patient to make a well-considered decision after understanding its potential effectiveness.

Demonstrable Proof for New Patients

By showing the patient breast augmentation fat transfer before and after photos, the surgeon can make a patient feel more reassured about the procedure and its potential outcomes.

Upon viewing images of other women and understanding how they looked before this body contouring cosmetic surgery and how their breast appearance enhanced after the procedure, they are able to make a more appropriate choice.

Most patients will understand that if the surgery worked for another patient, it could be effective for them as well. This conclusive proof presented through before and after photos creates a relationship of mutual trust and transparency between the surgeon and the patient.

A Picture is Worth More than a Thousand Words

Fat transfer breast augmentation before and after images will present the real tale much more effectively than mere words can. The surgeon will certainly offer the patient in-depth verbal explanations to ensure that they comprehend the potential results clearly. But words can sometimes be challenging to understand, open to interpretation, or simply unbelievable.

Before and after pictures, on the other hand, present a compelling and strong visual effect. The barriers of language do not constrict images, and they tell the real story as it is. However, it is crucial for the surgeon to make sure that these pictures are not edited or modified in any manner as this can mislead the patient.

In the case of breast augmentation fat transfer plastic surgery before and after photos, the old saying, “A picture is worth more than a thousand words” is certainly true.

What should be emphasized here is digital technology. We would be derelict not to mention digital technology in an article such as this. Gone are the days when vague brochure pictures used to suffice or Polaroid pictures. Gone are the days when pixel count was unheard of. With digital imagery – the images are so clear that you can predict the future on how this surgery will look on you because of the clarity that digital imagery offers.

Now a patient can have a much better understanding on what they are contemplating.

How to Review Before-and-After Photos in Plastic Surgery

Reviewing before-and-after photographs is a great way to get a feel for a surgeon’s skills and sense of aesthetics about a specific cosmetic procedure. Although these photos are abundant online, reviewing them in person at the surgeon’s office is more desirable because of these three reasons:

  • The majority of patients do not allow their before-and-after images to be posted online, but usually allow them to be reviewed in person at the surgeon’s office.
  • You can pick out images of patients who have the same age, gender, body type, and cosmetic concerns as you.
  • You can directly ask questions to your surgeon immediately after you review the photographs.

What to Look for in Before and After Photographs

Not all before and after photographs are created equal. Here are the crucial things to consider when reviewing images to help you find an experienced surgeon who is not only skilled but also pays meticulous attention to detail.

  • Ask for photographs of previous patients who are the same age, gender, ethnicity, body type, and build as you. By doing so, you will be able to visualize how you will look after surgery.
  • Check for symmetry, not perfection, in the after photos. Expecting perfection following plastic surgery is impossible. Instead, it pays to check for balance in both breasts, arms, eyes, cheeks, or hips.
  • Look for consistency in the pose and lighting of the photographs. The presence of inconsistencies is an indicator that the surgeon has something to hide or is not fully confident in his or her skills.
  • Examine the after photographs for scars. There is no such thing as a scar-free cosmetic procedure but a good plastic surgeon can make a scar appear as inconspicuous as possible.
  • Go with your gut. Ask yourself if you generally like how the after photograph looks.

Keeping Reasonable Expectations

Patients should have a clear idea of what a surgical procedure such as breast augmentation with fat transfer can and cannot do for them. Upon starting with realistic expectations, the patient will be better able to appreciate the final results.


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