What Are The Risks Of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast Reduction Surgery

What Are The Risks Of Breast Reduction Surgery?Every surgical procedure such as breast reduction involves possible post-recovery cosmetic risks and health complications. However, serious complications related to breast reduction is a rare occurrence. There is no surgeon that can guarantee a breast reduction surgery without any problems. These are a few common risks of breast reduction procedure.

Poor Anesthetic Reaction

Breast reduction plastic surgery procedure, in most cases, is performed under general anesthesia. There is always a potential of respiratory complications as a result. Poor reaction to anesthesia can cause other serious problems related to breast reduction as well.


Breast reduction, as with all surgeries, may result in bleeding within and around the surgical area. Minor bleeding should be treated as a normal side effect. However, excessive bleeding because of improper clotting should be a cause for concern.


Delayed healing and infections are common complications related to breast reduction surgery. You can minimize this risk by washing the surgical area with antibacterial soap, especially the incision site. You should get in touch with the surgeon’s practice if infection develops.


Hematoma is a serious complication of breast reduction surgery. Collection of blood in the cavity may cause infection, pain, and scar tissue among other issues. You may be developing a hematoma if there is a sudden change in the contour or color of your breasts.

Asymmetrical Breasts

Significantly asymmetrical breasts are a possible risk of breast reduction surgery. This is one of the more uncommon risks, particularly if the surgery is performed by an experienced surgeon. You may require a subsequent plastic surgery for correcting this possible risk.

Uneven Height of Nipples

There is a possibility that the nipples may not be at the same height after a reduction mammoplasty. There is a risk that the areolas and nipples may sit unevenly between breasts when performed by a less experienced surgeon.

Altered Sensation

Possible loss of sensation in the breasts is a common risk of breast reduction surgery. This is especially true if the areola is grafted. Detachment from breast tissue can result in a loss of sensation.

Scarring Risks

Scars following a breast reduction cosmetic surgery are a common complication that is hard to avoid. Healthy and non-smoking patients tend to heal quicker than patients that have health complications. However, scars following a breast reduction procedure are usually permanent.

Most scars after a reduction mammoplasty fade away within a year. They become barely noticeable. Experienced surgeons make incisions in places that can be hidden underneath a bathing suit or a bra. This allows patients to put on low-cut tops.

Breastfeeding and Breast Reduction

There is a possibility that you won’t be able to breastfeed following the breast reduction. This risk depends on the surgical technique used. Risks involving breastfeeding are increased in traditional anchor pattern technique.


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